Vote For Steve Shamblen

Vote For Steve Shamblen

Vote For Steve

Welcome to my political campaign website

 I am an independent candidate and for six years I have continued to conduct clean campaigns that are completely self funded without volunteers, robo calls, mailbox stuffing and door knocking.

My politics are simple;

I do not solicit or accept monetary donations.

I am not influenced by any person, business or organization.

I believe I am the right candidate for San Antonio City Council and I ask you for your vote.



My opinions on the issues for this election . . .

District 6 ~   One goal that I have set for myself to accomplish this election concerns public transportation in district 6.  If elected I would like to get the funds to install rental bikes at the Park & Rides throughout the district.

Mass Transit ~  Our highway system is laid out like a wheel with spokes and a hub in the middle.  I think we should be using the space in the middle of our highways to place a rail system for mass transit that converges on downtown.

Downtown Street Cars ~  Against.   Our priorities should be focused on the city’s mass transit, not on a limited rail downtown.  I think we should drop the idea, for now,  of a streetcar system downtown for our tourists and we should focus on the needs of public transportation for our whole city.

City Council Pay Raises ~ Against.   The only way I would support the proposal to raise the pay of City Council members would be after a proposal to raise our local minimum wage for all workers has been voted on.

Minimum Wage Increase ~  For.   The Police and Fire are stating they need a pay raise.  The City workers are wanting their pay increased.  The city council and Mayor have made a issue of their pay raise this election.  Common working people are working hard for meager outdated wages.  Grandma’s and Grandpa’s social security check has been insufficient for decades.  The disabled persons social security dollars are just as few as the grandparents.  The poor and welfare recipient face the harshest economic situation with the bleakest futures.  

Both Portland and our sister city of Seattle have raised their local minimum wage via ballot vote and have proved that it works.  I would put my signature on just about any legal action that would raise the local minimum wage for everyone in order to improve all of our lives, our economics and the future of our city.

Police/Fire/City Negotiations ~   I support a pay increase for the Police and Fire.  I support free Police and Fire health care as it is now but I also agree with member premiums for dependents.

It seems to me that maybe looking into the contract between the city and its largest medical provider might provide a better solution to decrease health costs than taking the costs out of our most valuable public servants pockets.  The medical school system our city uses for health care receives much federal funding which has been funding their improvements and expansions for decades. Renegotiating health care costs at the source with city clout makes better sense to me.

Alamo Plaza ~   Someone said that they liked the idea of restoring all of the walls of the Alamo complex and I have to agree.  It would mean a complete renovation of several blocks around the Alamo which would entail everything from shop relocations to street modifications.  With different control came different options to tap different funds for improvements that everyone wants.  My suggestions included underground restrooms, a large overhead sheltered area and public drinking water fountains.



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