Vote For Steve Shamblen

Vote For Steve Shamblen

Happy 2017

There’s another general election for council members and mayor coming up next year.

Are we going to get another democrat candidate shoved down our throats in district 6 that’s going to walk all over our citizens again just to perpetrate a self serving agenda that is nothing more than selfish desires and empty promises lied to you solely for their own interests?

There’s a lot of angry and upset citizens and voters in our district that have felt the sting of Mr Lopez and Mr Barrera over the past eight years. A lot of these folks have been forced to spend their own hard earned money to change their address.

There hasn’t been one sidewalk or drain for flooding streets installed on the west side and these vain self serving politicians have put their name on a once historic road as if they have just accomplished something worthy of a street named after them.

Shouldn’t we see the results of work from a rejuvenation project before there’s any discussion about changing the street name?

What the hell did Barrera ever do anyway that would come close to deserving the changing of the name of a historic highway to be named after him? Several main roads in our city have been rejuvenated over the decades but their names remained the same. Changing the name did not take precedents over getting the work done.

It seems there’s too many people in our local politics that are nothing more than greedy over paid publicity seekers. Lopez and Barrera wanted their name on Old Hwy 90 before the work even started because they’re failures at road projects, just take a look at what they delivered with the Marbach rd and Hunt lane projects during their time in office.

Mr Lopez, you’ve given us failure after failure for eight years, did you really have to leave the citizens of districts 6 a headache like this?

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